Anders Hingel: biografía y paso artístico del artista

A propósito de Anders Hingel

Anders Hingel is born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but is since many years stationed in Paris, France. After a long career, first as university teacher and social science researchers and then with responsibilities in international organisations, he is now fully engaged as artist in several fields : photography, painting, new media and print-making. His portfolio on Saatchi Art are all mix-media works, based on photography, acrylic paint, oil pastel or Chinese ink paintings, which have been digitally modified for printmaking. Some of the images are based on photographic shots of nature or big-city scenes across the world, others are based on expressionist abstract drawings or paintings. They are simulacra of reality, a representation without a clear and direct reference to the world as seen with our eyes. They represent various degrees of what others have called the deconstruction of the world as we see it with our eyes – and re-construction of another more « real » reality. They are images which are exploring the continuum of abstractions from almost straight photography (the world as seen, but modified) to totally abstract with no reference to any known forms. To paraphrase an infamous poet: his images are abstract and surrealistic, but they are true. (B. Cendrars) Anders Hingel is a truly contemporary artist who is exclusively exposes and sells his works in on-line galleries such as Saatchi Art. All his print making mixed media works are made in editions of 10 originals, including 3 artist prints.

Anders Hingel is a truly contemporary artist who is exclusively exposes and sells his works on on-line galleries such as Saatchi Art.

You can find his portfolio of artworks on: fr.

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Absolument magnifique ! Bien à vous, SLM


Magnifique ! J'aime infiniment votre travail. SLM


Magnifique, cher artiste. J'aime vraiment votre travail. SLM