A propósito de Elise Valdorcia

I am Elise Valdorcia from France, I work in several mediums like: 3D fibert art, cartapesta, painting, sculpture. I use natural material as paper mache, wax, linen and paper.I manipulate every material to define a new identity of a sculptural object or low relief on large canvas.These mixed media let me free in my artistic expression and compositions with human figures in volume.A leading theme in my works is the world of human senses reflected on faces of human figures, texture and color. My last works describe the passage from life to death, mood and emotion, decline of bodies in opposition to the perfect and young bodies of women on magazines, like a provocation...A reflexion on Life and death and the reality of "memento mori..." with various spiritual.IN MY ART, I FOCUS ON NEW EXPERIMENTS THAT ARE INNOVATIVE, that is really important for me to help create my intimate art word.Elise Valdorcia

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sombre, envoûtant et superbe


bravo j'aime beaucoup

gd la palette

l'amour meme dans la mort peut etre present. Amicalement